Where are you going, little one? A book of art and rhyme for children

The Inspiration

When I became a mom in 2011 I struggled to fit art making into my life. Hours of experimenting with a wide variety of collage materials were a thing of the past, as time and space went to the baby. Yet he also provided a new source of inspiration. In the very early days, my son loved to lie on his changing table, kicking his legs and laughing. "Where are you going, little one?", I'd ask him, and offer up rhyming answers of my own. As new nicknames came to mind--little fish, little star, little dream--I would rhyme couplets about the adventures of each character. 

An Adventure for Each Month of the Year!

I started making collages to illustrate the rhymes and gradually the book took shape as a journey throughout the year. Each page highlights unique features of a month on the east coast of the US, where we live. April showers are followed by May flowers, February is filled with love, and October has a starry, moonlit sky. View the book.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Where are you going, little one? The book and a calendar inspired by it can be purchased directly from my shop.

Testimonials from Kickstarter Supporters

"I wanted you to know how much we are loving your book. This kids want to read it and look at it again and again. My two year old is obsessed with identifying spots in each of the collages where she would most like to hang out or hide. It's become super interactive for us."--Kristen Kurczak Nightingale

"Your book is amazing. Thank you for continuing to make your collages!"--Dharmesh Patel

"We've been looking at that upside-down umbrella all day long. One of [my daughter's] favorite books!"--Sara Bowers-Posada

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